Why are Women Willing to Cheat on Their Boyfriend/Husband?

Unlike in the past where cheating in relationships was mostly done by men, today’s women are known to cheat on their partners more than men. Here are some of the reasons why these women make a decision to cheat on their boyfriend or husbands:

  • Search for sexual satisfaction: if the man is not able to have her sexual need fulfilled in the current relationship, it is likely she will cheat on her spouse in an effort to look for the missing gratification.
  • Loneliness and feeling neglected: If the man is not giving her woman the attention and care that she craves for, she will look for it from other men. A man who thinks that he married a woman to do the house chores and bear children will push her to other men where she will get appreciation and the love she is lacking in the relationship.
  • Search for financial gain: If a woman feels that her husband is not giving her enough finances that will make it possible for her to get what her friends are getting from their partners, there is a likelihood that she will look for another person to fill in the gap.
  • Revenge: A woman who discovers that her husband/ boyfriend has been cheating on her will be pushed by the betrayal feeling into seeking revenge. She will get into another relationship just to spite her partner and in doing this, she will ensure that the partner gets to know about it.
  • Self-exploration: A woman may be filled with a desire to know how it would be if she slept with another man. With such a motive, he will go out in search of the right man and when he finally finds him, he will cheat on his partner.

Despite how justifiable you may feel when cheating on your partner, it is important to note that it hurts. You should also put yourself in your partner’s shoes to get to understand what you would feel if he was the one cheating on you.